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We used to have album included in of our packages however most of the couples frequently asked. Can we have the package… without the album? How much less would that be? Then Massafelli Photography decided to supply just in te full day packages. Different sizes, different covers, different prices. However all range of our albums still with the best quality. We supply high-quality albums, manually produced with the high-quality criteria, made by dedicated and skilled artisans in Portugal. The quality of  materials used will guarantee the durability of your album.

We produce our albums as a piece of art. Massafelli Photography supplies different sizes, colours, shapes,  prices, covers. To see our large selection of albums we would love to arrange a meeting with a delicious cup of coffee.

All our albums are personally designed by  Massafelli Photography. Your choices are essential to the final design. After all, choices are made, your album will be ready in 30 days. All Wedding albums include a fine leather bag .


All Wedding StoryBooks include leather 1 Bag .

Your images will be edited in professionally, given in high resolution (watermark free) on a stylish USB drive. 

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Albums Albums
Albums Albums Albums

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